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Monday, April 21, 2008
Hey HL bloggers checking in again I hope all of you are doing well and your health is on point. Today was an exciting day Stephanie, Dyeemah and I had gone out on a POS; I have always been fascinated with seeing people at HL in their environment or field. I was proud of how professional they were as a crew as we worked together. They are so young and have so much promise, ha ha listen to me talking like I am grown. I have also seen myself grow as a video grapher, and that's the whole point of being in Harlem Live to grow and improve your craft. The residents that were interviewed gave positive feed back; some even gave different points of view on the subject we asked them about. By the way we asked them their thoughts on having the pope come to AMERICA. Remember spring break is coming by so don't get lazy make sure to in all your assignments for school.

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I have finally completed my article on “Youth on International affairs” and have completed my “Barack Obama editorial”. I also, have to finish my community based article. I feel bad that I didn't get the appropriate spelling of one the social workers. I want to write an article on Hip and Hop next. I think a lot of people will like it and it will open people’s eyes to certain aspects of society.

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Spring Break
Hey HL bloggers how are all of you doing I am fine. Here’s more news for the village, SPRING BREAK is coming and there are endless possibilities as to what you could do, if traveling is on your mind. A hot spot at the moment is the Dominican Republics very own Punta Cana resort beach. Next on the list is Mexico's Cancun. Keep in mind that every thing you do reflects who you are. Make sure you do nothing that you’ll be ashamed of later on, but always have fun. If staying in New York for your spring break makes sure you get lots of sleep at home. Go out with your friends, go to the park, or better yet go to HL. Spring is the season of rebirth and a time of personal growth so shed those winter blues and enjoy the upcoming summer.Xoxo

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Harlem Men
On Thursday, Nyeisha, Kennequa, Laredo, and I went to an event for a program called Harlem Men at Harlem Children Zone. I didn't know what to expect so I couldn't wait for the event to begin. They served finger foods, juice and water. As I looked around, I noticed that every person seemed to be positive and I didn't feel any negative vibes at all. I really liked the event and felt that it was really inspiring. The organization wants to give young men the chance to be something later on in life. Also I noticed kids in the gym exercising and being very productive. That was separate from the event and I found that to be great because it was late but Thursday's weather was nice. So to see students doing that it showed me that these kids were already on the right path.

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Starting to get the hang of HL
Last week Thursday I went to this summit which Nyiesha was writing a story on. It was about people coming together to help fix up their neighborhood and their special guest was Dominic Carter. It was very interesting and it was nice to see people wanting to help revive and renew their neighborhood and helping their neighbors. It makes me so proud to be an African-American. Then Friday I went to the state building for a conference that was given by the senator Bill Perkins about getting rid of the rats in the neighborhood. That day I was the video person, it was kind of fun. I thought I would be bad at it but I did alright for the first time. Now today I am going to finish writing my story on “LIFEbeat”, hopefully it comes out good especially when it’s my first story. Later everybody, I hope you all enjoy the rest of this long week.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008
Saturday, April 12, 2008
     Today I had to post 2 stories and edit some stories on the new website. It was intricate but after Andrea showed me some techniques for posting and editing it got easier. I posted Arts and Culture stories. I thought they were interesting because they talked about sports. I found it was easy to understand from a young person perspective because I related to what the author wrote about.

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Starting to Blend in.
Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I been in HarlemLive for a month and a half now and I'm starting to get use of things. It was hard at first because I wasn't use to doing anything after school unless it was sleeping and chilling with my friends. I am so happy I have gotten the chance to be here it knocked the laziness out of me. I got a chance to try something I always wanted to do which is being a journalist. It helps me get an idea of what I want to take on as a career in life. I went on a POS once and it was kind of fun I was nervous though but I got the hang of things after a while. It was funny and put thought to my mind by hearing different people responses. I went to interview someone at an organization called Life beat a little while ago and I’m about to start writing my story on it now. That was cool and I learned a lot by doing that. It's like I'm breaking out my shell a little because I'm so use to being by myself, luckily everybody here is friendly and cool. They make me feel more comfortable. Also, everyone at the program is starting to eat healthy which has started my diet and exercising. I can’t wait to I really get on board and start blending in with the HarlemLive crew.

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Hey guys, what's up? I haven't painted in so long and on Saturday we were painting HL's walls. It was fun because we were all together and the weather couldn't have been better. Little by little we'll be making this place prettier. My weekend was great I had a couple of surprises that were very unexpected, and that made me a happier person. My birthday is on Wednesday I'm so excited because I will be spending time with my friends and the important people in my life. Plus I'm getting my phone back oh my god I can't wait no more lol. It's like a part of me was missing! But soon the wait will be over. Stephanie, Angelica, Nana and me all went story hunting and we found a couple of interesting stories that we will be working on. Well, I got to go but until my next blog stay safe. xoxo

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HarlemLive's makeover
Sunday, April 06, 2008

Ayo its Nana again! Today was an okay day. We painted the outside of HarlemLive and it was all cool today people. Everybody was hanging out and having fun. Today was so good it couldn’t have been any better. I am very happy, I had so much fun! I’m out!!!

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Yesterday Wednesday, April 2, 2008
Angelica and I had to interview two of our teachers and a couple of students from our school for a video for the Columbia University Teachers College. During my interview, I kept messing up because one of my teachers kept making me laugh. It was sort of hard to be serious with him even though normally he is a serious teacher. During my second interview it was natural for me because this was my all time favorite teacher. After my interviews were done it was Angelica's turn. During one of her interviews some lady walked right into the shot even though we told her not to. I don’t understand why people have to be rude even if you are nice to them.

P.S. - I am technology dependent.

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Hey HL bloggers, It's me Divi again! I brought good news to the village. We have seen Jay-z and Beyonce's secret relationship since 2000. Well, maybe not seen it as much, but their together and have strategically stayed out of the lime light as a couple. Now it's been alleged that they have filed for a marriage license. I personally think they make a great power couple; they have worked hard for their success. It's always nice to have someone to share that love with. I hope they do get married and give the public a wedding to talk about. HarlemLive on Wednesday April 2, 2008 was an enlightening day I was taught vital steps needed on a video program. I love video since I have been doing it and I have a whole new perspective and respect for editors.

They are no joke!

Signing Out,Divi

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Wow what a day at HL
Today, I got into so much done today I couldn't believe myself. I got a chance to upload about 6 more stories and the most exciting part of my day was when I found out how to upload a video to the website. Wow that was a major leap in my life. Also, I showed a fellow student how to use an application that she didn't know before and I'm glad. I got a chance to actually show what I'm learning at HarlemLive because it shows that I'm learning some new skills .I can also enhance my own skills about computer design and learn how to use the software. So for anyone who wants to learn how to convert videos hit me up!
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