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Friday, July 28, 2006

Yoo hi you doing is your boy Jonathan holding it down and i want to say that i love spending time here and i love the atmosphere here. I wish my mother would understand that I love it here and enjoy leaving here late at night finishing some work. My mother threated me and stated that if i came late again that she wont allow me to go to Harlemlive anymore. I was mad that i heard that but i know where she is coming from. She cares about me like every other mother knows how to. Is that love what keeps me going through in life. A mother's love for a child could not be topped by any other love out there. But in reality i will never let here pull me out of this program. I love HL too much for this shit to happen. Also queens is very deep and to go home in that A train is very difficult to do. You see late at nights the A train runs local and u know i get to my house by 2 am and it break my moms heart seeing me come home sooo late. Anyways i dont want to talk about train related problems because then team joc will make fun of me. Yeah any ways i learned alot from those minisink (NYC mission society) classes, they taught me how to avoid the military recruiters and how to ba an activist. I would love to be activist because they fight for what they believe in and i love that. I would say i would follow in the footsteps of Malcom X and Che Guevarra. They inspire me to keep on going and never stop believing in what you believe in. Hopefully when i reach adulthood i already made a difference in the community or in people's lives. I will have to maintain and keep focus on what i know is right and to know what actions i must do to make things right. Right now my intentions is to bring the Henry people back. I have lost at least three people from the wall incident and they haven't returned. I am worried that they wot come back. But i wont lose hope because when things go wrong it hardly goes wrong twice. Also Rich is not giving up hope so pray to God, Jesus, Allah or who ever you pray to.
I am Jonathan Alarcon a wanabee activist and i will become one!!!

posted by Rich @ 7/28/2006 03:02:00 PM

Blog of the Day
Thursday, July 27, 2006
This is Seshat, once again . . . . . .aren't you glad it's me!!! If you have no sense of humor, then skip the next paragraph. What better way to ensure that you read the next paragraph, eh?

OOOH knock knock joke okay. "Knock, Knock" "Who's there?" "Banana." "Banana who?" "Knock, Knock" "Who's there?" "Banana." "Banana who?" "Knock, Knock" "Who's there?" "Orange." "Orange who?" "Orange you glad that I didn't say banana again?" HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHHA!
Yeah . . . . .why's no one laughing?

Okay, well, anyway, this week, Anonymous is in the lead. That's good. I'm glad. Our challenge for the next weeks is making sure that we STAY in the lead, keep doing stories, and rock on! Good luck to all the other teams, because you guys did great work last week. Shoutouts to JoC cause y'all did ya thing. You guys went up more than 2,000 points and you guys had great stories. So keep doing what you do and best of luck to you.

And, just a reminder, as Sesame Street said, "We are all earthlings." So , Respec to da fullest, mon.

posted by Rich @ 7/27/2006 02:25:00 PM

Blog of the Day from TeamJoc
Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Today at HL there was a real calm enviornment in the air. There is usally a lot of work noise since there we're all in one big room, but today was pretty different. It might be due to the fact that most people were out on stories. But other than that I had to go out on the bike and ride with Curtis to 122nd and Madison to take pictures of a Hospital that one of my group members had done a story on. I had to also draw some images for some poems that a couple of my teammates did. What had also occured today is that we had a new member join Team JOC. We are recieving new members like whoa and it is still not helping our team in any kind of way. Our team has some strong members but we also have our weak spots. We badly need another video person because Curtis is attending some workshop s$#% this week and Tanisha does not have that much experience with videos. Also today, Tanisha lost her debit card and she was really frustrated, I tried to help her in finding the card but still didn't find it. But so far I was told that our team is leading and we are looking foward to working harder and to keep the lead so . . . 'til then.

posted by HarlemLIVE @ 7/25/2006 11:17:00 PM

Blog of the Day by Tanisha
Monday, July 24, 2006

Once again we have been JoCed. Team JoC was jerked in the presentation tonight. There is no way in hell tha Shuffle had a better presentation then us. All the did was show some video that didn't even give questions about Lil Kim. I mean come on , My slideshow presentation about the House of Soles was way better than that bull shit. Rich says we did a good job well it obviously wasn't good enough. Another thing people TROY is not on our team because of some little bull shit issue he has with Curtis "trying to prove he is better than him".But it' ok because I don't even care any more. I been stop caring, i didnt't want them to shut Harlem Live down as a SYEP site but honestly I feel like I'm back in highschool again. Kamal said I complain too much but I'm not gonna sit down and let shit happen if I have something to say. That's my personality and people are just gonna have to deal. I don't care if we ever get blog of the day at least we write the truth and not some sugared up story about lizards and riding the train. Well I said my peace ..............For Now. Unti then.

posted by Rich @ 7/25/2006 11:09:00 AM

A Forgotten Blog of the Day by SeShat
Friday, July 21, 2006

posted by Rich @ 7/21/2006 09:44:00 PM

Blogs of The Day (2 From Shuffle)


This week was a test of our love and determination to be in Harlemlive. There was drama at HarlemLive for students getting pulled from HarlemLive. I was included in this drama and was affected most dearly. Clearly people do not know that this is my home. A proctor once said "A man can find happiness in his home but cannot find happiness elsewhere." HarlemLive is my home and no one can take that away from me. Today was a day of infamy for HarlemLive a day we will never forget. It was tense in the morning, no one knew what would happen next. But then, as I turned my face, I saw the Administrators of DYCD walking through the door. I was astonished they actually came to HarlemLive. I would have thought they had had such a busy life than to worry about a bunch of minority children accomplishing (to their point of view) nothing.

We are the youth, the strongest arsenal HarlemLive has. It was the youth who brought HarlemLive to where it is. It is like when Brad left, we thought we weren't going to make it. I thought when a problem affected Harlemlive who was here to fix it? But we came through. We did our thing and we are more closer to each other than ever. I can now say that HarlemLive will never fail to solve any problem someone throws at them.
We are stronger than ever and we will continue to become more powerful each year.

This media challenge is going to the Alliance hands down. We are more focussed than ever. We have lost powerful people on the way to greatness but have gained people too. The challenge is far from over but me writing this blog is keeping me from posting stories, editing on the site... back to work

Johnny of Shuffle Alliance

I Got My Right Foot In, But They Pullin My Left Foot Out

Ahhhh, my team. How is the deck doin over there. I haven't been able to call any one yet because I haven't figured out what I'm going to do completely. If whether or not I'll stay or leave. Believe me, I want to stay, but there's a higher voice than mine, and if she says otherwise, I have no choice but to abide by her decision. This whole hole in the wall epidemic is like a cartoon. I don't understand how someone can take responsibility for something that they don't really know about. Rich, I hope you kiss and make up with these people real fast because I don't have the morale and strength to tell myself I'm going to another site. I can't tell myself I'm going to enjoy my time there as much as I have up there. And that's including the A-Train exploits. By taking us out, DYCD and other organizations for Summer Youth could be destroying a lot of the potential talent that HarlemLIVE possesses. They don't understand that this place gives teens the freedom to do what they want with their work that school doesn't. Maybe they aren't cool with that, but it is what it is. We videotape what we want, edit what we want, and our pens and keys can write and type whatever our minds can fathom.
As for Shuffle, keep ya heads up babyy. It aint over till it's over. Holla at me babyy...

posted by Rich @ 7/21/2006 09:22:00 PM

Good News!
Good News!
As most of the SYEP students know, contractors have already informed them that they may return to HarlemLive. PHEW!!! Thank you! MORE later! .....

BUT we lost so much time! There are only three weeks until your GRAND presentations at TEACHERS COLLEGE! Each team still has to produce a half hour news broadcast (has every team reserved studio time at MNN)??

What's "Team Joc"'s slogan again? :)

Notes: Rhonesha will be back on Thursday after her 10 Day Urban Journalism Workshop at NYU. Diamond will be out for the week while in Wash. DC to attend a youth leadership convention. Johnny will be gone for the first two weeks(!) in August for a business course, but back for the last week of the competition.

posted by Rich @ 7/21/2006 08:32:00 PM

They really don't care!!
Thursday, July 20, 2006
If the landlord did care, then things would have already been done. I'm sure if the people working at the Landlord Management Office had a problem similar to ours in their office, their wall would have been fixed easily. But because HarlemLIVE works with young teens, they automatially think we can wait. Well they've messed with the wrong group of kids. A newspaper can write a story in the paper but we can have numerous writers and post them not only on paper but on the WEB. The news channel can easily make a 30 second story on it but we can make a 30 minute story, post it on the web and play it for those who want to listen to our problem. There's nothing they can do to stop us. We are ten times stronger then the local newspaper and the best news channel. We are kids that's giving up our free time and doing something different with our lives and if they don't understand that, then we'll make them!

posted by Shelise @ 7/20/2006 11:19:00 PM

Repairs have been Made, place is set, Now we await word
HarlemLive has been temporarliy suspended as an SYEP site. However, as of this evening, all the conditions and repairs have been made. We will be faxing DYCD this notification tomorrow and hopefully we can begin again as an SYEP site. We WILL continue to operate, as we do during the non summer months and the teams will continue their efforts .

We were in the process of having our best summer ever at HL until this issue diverted our attention and halted our efforts. Yet, once again, the youth at HL pulled together to make things happen. You all did great!

The wall is fixed. The doorknob is replaced. The loose tiles are secure.

All classes , presentations and teams continue with the non SYEP students and any SYEP student that wishes to continue as a volunteer. But we're hoping this will be cleared up ASAP and would like to be reinstated into SYEP. We've done and are doing what has been asked of us.

posted by Rich @ 7/20/2006 10:45:00 PM

PLAN OF ACTION - Names and Numbers
Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Please get your parents involved:

Landlord: Eugene Giscombe 212 410 4545

DYCD: Dial 311 or NYC YouthLIne 800 246 4646

Scott M. Stringer-Borough President
May Wellington 212-669-4478

City Council President – Christine Quinn
Kate Serie Kirk 212 564 7757

State Senator: David Paterson at 212-222-7315

City Council : Inez Dickens :
Justin Meyers at her District office : 212 678 4505

State Assemblyman Keith Wright: (212) 866-5809

Vosa Rivers: Harlem Arts Alliance (212)926-2443
He can help

Picture of Patched Wall:

posted by Rich @ 7/19/2006 08:24:00 PM

whats really good
My day so far is beautiful. We have two people taking care of the cracks on the wall. Mobb deep is gonna be downtown. Im gonna see them perform and get thier autograph. I will also try to get an interveiw witn them while there. I also went to get breakfast and mail letters. More later.

posted by HL Office @ 7/19/2006 02:02:00 PM

Blog of the Day by Jaquana of Shuffle
GOod WEEk, Good WEek , GOOd WEek

I can just feel it that this week is going to be a good one.Yesterday I went out on a story in the Bronx at St. Anthony Catholic School. besides the blazin' heat I had fun. It was a lot of note taking but heyyy ....that's my job as a journalist. Today I interviewed my former doctor. I really got a chance to see my old nurse and see the changes of the clinic. I am really enjoying this. So far this week has been exciting especially with the presentations.

This week is going good....GOod WEEk ...GOOd WeEk...GOod WEek

posted by Rich @ 7/19/2006 08:21:00 AM

Blog of the Day by Seshat of Anonymous
Monday, July 17, 2006
This is Seshat, and well, I think we could be better. I think that we're making progress as a team, so we're working on that. I think Terell's idea for tomorrow is a great one, and it should get us started and getting better. One thing that I think that we as a team should do is promote teamsmanship and sportsmanship among ourselves as well as with other teams. We need to maintain good relations with each other, not just because we're going to have to work with each other after this, but because it would be good if we could be at least on a speaking basis with each other after this. I said this before, so now I'm just venting, so ignore me if you wish. Rude people annoy me, and make me very very angry.

On a lighter note, the sky is blue, the birds are chirping, Diesel is getting considerably more attention and love and care, and all, for now, at 9:17 PM is at peace at HarlemLIVE . . . hahahahaHAHAHAHAHAH yeah right! woo, I needed a laugh. Okay, that was priceless . . . . I crack myself up.

And now, i shall exit, with the dull roar of reggaeton blaring in my ear, and amicable relations are present . . . .where you can almost forget that this is a competition and bask in the contentment and familial feel that are present . . . . the essence of HarlemLIVE.

posted by Rich @ 7/17/2006 09:38:00 PM

Blog of the Day by Kuamel
Saturday, July 15, 2006
Yo its yung joc aka Kuamel. First and for most I wanna say Its goin down. HarlemLIVE is starting to get serious as time progresses. I finally got more than one story and I'm gonna turn in four on Monday. I'm glad HL took the intiative to release those who didn't fit in well. It opened some eyes and I can say myself I'm starting to get serious as far as being a leader. HL is starting to become routine in my schedule as its should be with the exception of those who have other priorities. Trying to kick us out because of the wall, is whack. Hl is like the only youth media program where the participants recieve the full extent of what they produce. We create and edit our own stories which is a freedom that is limited to teens becuase of age and inexperience. At least HL allows us to have a perecent error and still be able to publish. That gives us inspiration and makes HL more attractive becuase of the freedom it allows. As far as the competition the point spread WILL change Monday becuase of all the progress we've made. The shuffle is doin there thing and we have to give all the credit in the world. We won't complain anymore. Johnny is not an excuse. We will come through despite him. Like I said, Team Joc is in the building. Its goin down. Easy.

posted by Rich @ 7/15/2006 01:04:00 PM

diaries of the the ailing
Friday, July 14, 2006
so yeah....everyone is wondering why i've been running around in circles like a foul in a meathouse, why I seen to be just "doing nothing". In my defense, I would first like to note that everyday since I have started coming to harlem live ironically Ive been having these day long headaches.sometimes the small pounding in my head is very soft but at time when I try to focus on reading, or researching or writing (anything that involves concetration), i get these really disruptive headaches. SO what I have decided to do Is be here during the day with the group, helping around finding out what stories need to be done,but doing my own research on my own time, and gettging the majority of my work done at home...which keeps me up LATER at night when I get home from HL...which why I apparently passed out for a couple hours today at the office. Im just so overwhelmed with things to do, im always busy, if not at Harlme live, with my summer SAT classes, with my other job in Brooklyn, and these headaches havent been making them any better. On wednesday, I went to the doctor who did some tests as to what might be going on but I havent go the results back yet. I just hope im okay and the headaches are the result of stress of somesort, which wouldnt be too surpising seeing that Im not the only one here at HL who feels the pressure and has become a lil stressed as a rsult of it. I just need to take it easy, it's summertime for god sakes!

posted by HL Office @ 7/14/2006 06:48:00 PM

watzup HarlemLIVE
hey HL watzup i just scheduled some stories for next week and this competition is alot of fun. Its good that even though this is a competition we all still get along. Have fun you guys!!!!

posted by TiaNa a.K.a. pOcAhOntAS @ 7/14/2006 01:35:00 PM

Blogs of the Day
Today I realized that the competition has just got harder. Even though we got the killa team, every one has to work hard in order to stay in. Today we had a staff meeting and a few people have gotten eliminated. When that occured I really started to think about the competition alot.

Hello! My name is Matthew Sneh and I am on the video team for HarlemLive. I like being on the video team because I get to go out and do stories on my topic. I interview random people on the street to see how they feel about certain issues affecting our community today. Now I'm learning how to edit my videos on Final Cut Pro. I started at HarlemLive in early june. I found out about HarlemLive when three representatives gave a presentation about the program in my school. After that HarlemLive interviewed me and i started doing video. I am now participating in the summer youth challenge. The name of my team is Team Anonymous. i plan to have a good summer and produce a good story for my team.

Make sure each person on the team has posted their blogs and does so each week. Two blogs a day are due from each team Monday thru Saturday.

posted by Rich @ 7/14/2006 12:10:00 PM

Bike Thief
Thursday, July 13, 2006
I was coming out the gym tonight and there was another guy "unlocking" his bike where about 5 other bikes, including my own, were chained/secured against this bike post. As I stooped over to put my key into my lock, i smelled the strong body odor of someone who hadn't showered in days and perhaps had been sleeping outside. As I stood up, this guy was grumbling about having lost his key while going at the cable lock with some wirecutters. I thought, oh this guy is stealing this bike right in front of me. Then I said, "ok, i'll be a good samaritan."

I spoke up while putting my hand on the bike frame. "Um, this is my friend's bike. They're coming out the gym."

"This is not yoru friend's bike. This is my bike," the smelly man said. "I already told you this is my bike, I lost my key."

I was like, "Naw. This is my friend's bike. They'll be out shortly."

It went back and forth with him saying things like "You need to mind your own business." and "Oh so you want to be a hero." or "You played yourself," after I asked folks coming out the gym if they knew whose bike it was 'cuz this guy was trying to cut the lock." But mostly I just ignored his comments, just hoping the proper owner would arrive.

One west african guy came out and said, "that's probably the same guy that stole by bike!"

Anyway I waited 'til the thief departed, wondering if he'd now be on the lookout for me in the future.

There were others that I see all the time from the gym who started hanging outside. They said they'd look after the bike with the almost cut lock. It seemed safe since the guy gave up and went away grumbling and cursing me all the way. I didn't get to meet the person whose bike I saved. I just hope I don't live to regret it.


Today, we'll talk about marketing, turning in content for points, classes and more.. Let's do this thing, folks.

posted by Rich @ 7/13/2006 09:20:00 PM

ALL Staff Meeting Thursday at 1PM - Assessing where we're at.
Some more good posts:

From Anonymous's Seshat:
Okay, no more posts about Diesel, (I bore myself). I know I'm pretty new to HarlemLIVE, but I have seen a big change in HarlemLIVE. It seems that this summer program is creating animosity between teams, and people in general. I understand that it was supposed to be a competition, but some people (on my team as well) have been VERY competitive. Some have been downright rude. Is this program really as effective as we think it should be? Yesterday, people were afraid to share their ideas with Chris, fearing that someone else would steal their stories. Hey, look, that's messed up. COME ON, PEOPLE!!!! Wake up and smell the lizard poop! During this competition, the LEAST we could do is be polite to each other!

and Shuffle's Diamond:

Yeah, What It Do Babyy, It's the Ace, of the suit with the rhombus-like shape. Day went aight. Got back on the A-Train again. Today it was better than yesterday. Even though I had to see if I could go and get a shirt for my brother birthday. All the Cancers represent for my brother!!!!! I hopped back on the train and came up to HL with no problem this time. However, that was still only the beginning of my day. I had to get an interview done with a sportswriter for one of my career profiles. I had to go to 59th street on Lexington Ave. I took the R-Train, (no problems) but I got a little paranoid, mainly cuz I never took that train before. I got to Fifth Ave. and I had to ask someone where 59th and Lexington. Little did I know, that was the next stop on the train. Therefore, I was cool, just like the Gang babyy, just like the Gang.......EXCEPT! IT WAS SO HOT TODAY MAN, I felt like God was hungry and decided to put my in the oven for dinner! I mean daaaamn, where was the oxygen today. I'm walkin up Lexington and 59th lookin like im about to either steal somethin or rob somebody. I was lucky to get into theBloomberg Building safe+sound. Once in though, it felt like pure heaven. There shoulda been Angels in there dressed in white playing harps and singing "ahhhhhhhh." I felt like I really met 50 Cent at the Pearly Gates at that moment. In reality though, there were steel counters, and limestone statues on the wall. And that's just the lobby! Around the corner there were more steel counters, and pillars, and they took a picture of my face with a camera in the wall. I coulda been on an interview to join the MIB if I didn't know any better! Next, I hit the elevators to go and see my interviewee, and the elevators had green and red lights to indicate which elevators were going up and which were going down (Team Joc What It Do Babyy!), that was crazy too. Now to the best part of the building: Floor Six. You come through the elevator and there is someone to greet you when you walk in. He told me where to sit, to wait for my interviewee, but I barely paid attention to what he said cuz I turned around and saw the snack bar that Rich had told me of. To tell you the truth, the snack bar was HUGE understatement for what I saw. Number one: Snack Bars aint free. All those chips, and sodas and juices and food and candy was just there for the taking. I coulda took anything I wanted, but I didn't want to be too greedy so I just got an Iced Tea....Anyway, the interview went great. I got my notes, and I plan on interviewing more writers for my career profile goal. Shuffle Alliance is a about to go in, real big like Manny Fresh. IT'S THE ROC!!!

posted by Rich @ 7/13/2006 12:10:00 AM

Wat happen its not Goin Down
Wednesday, July 12, 2006
So far being on Team Joc everthing is not (goin down). It's not really with anyone in the group but people outside of the group. Hey im not going to sit here and sugar coat everthing but im not going to say any names.But some people don't like my team too much. I Think some people are RIDIN ON OUR JOC. Im not mad but its not cool how some people think its funny to make jokes about our team name. Another problem would be GOOF POINTS. The goof points are very hard not to get. Goof points are errors people make. In which people can give you in order to take away points from your team. Hey these problems are just minor things we as a team need to work on. As a team we just need to Brush our Shoulders off. Hey wat can we do many people want to be like us but they can't

posted by Evelyn @ 7/12/2006 06:39:00 PM

This is what it's about, Getting OUT!
What's good? First, big UPS to Shem for his temporary redesign of the front and main pages. It will take everyone's effort to rebuild and redesign the entire site this summer.

The blogs are great way to speak your mind about what's up.

Today, we feature a couple from Team Shuffle Alliance as the "blogs of the day." The first is bare bones, what this program is about: Getting out in the city, making discoveries, practicing your skills, and making moves! Not sure who wrote this one:

Though it was a hot day today to be outside, we went out to do a story on organic fresh farms in the heart of Harlem. I have walked past these farms before and never thought once that it was owned by one person, I always assumed a certain organization did. This particular one was owned by an African American women trying to bring organic vegatables to the community at an offordable price. My camera man and my reporter did a great job on the shot and the interviews. The assingments are not as bad as i thought they were going to be. I can honestly say that the day was very productive and that memebers of my group took equal parts.

This following blog entry by Diamond is also a perfect example for everyone. This is about his experience taking the A train. Now, just start adding PHOTOS! Post some pix and video clips of your daily outings or your work at HL.

From Diamond: (unedited)

I don't think Im takin the A-Train anymore to get to HL.

I only took that train 2 times, but each time I took it , someone wanted to pop off, or fight, for those that are deficient in Hood Talk. But that train is bugged out man, for real. The first time I got on it to arrive to HL, some people got Into a fight on the car next to the one I was in. Now I could understand that people gotta handle their businees, but on a moving train? My peoples, nobody would be able to get out of the train if someone started shootiin off or whatever.

Next thting you know, the guy sittin next to me starts yellin all on te train about how they shouldn't be fightin eachother on the train cuz you can't move nowhere! I could understand that too, but did he have to YELL IN MY EAR? Btween 59th and 125th was where we stopped, making me even later than I had to be. Lol, I skipped takin that train the next day to save myself from the trouble.....Fastforward to this morning, I decide to try out the A one more again. anyway, everything is going good, and im on schedule to arrive to the site ahead of time. 34 St. was where the drama started. DJ Kay Slay shoulda been there for that one. I'm posted on the door of the train, listenin to my Cherrelle and all that-"I Didn't Mean To Turn You Onnn"- vibin, until I hear loud voices through my Creative earphones. I turn around, and what do I see? A West Indian woman, and a Spanish man fighting over something. don't neccessarily know what they were speakin on but it got a little violent to say the least.

Then, out of nowhere, another guy comes out and tells the spanish guy to stop yellin at the woman like that. I agreed with him on that. But It was like seein Superman comin to save the day. "I will punch you in your face right now, my dude, what's really good? Huh? what's really good?" That was what the Superman-like character said to the Spanis dude. Luckily it died down after that. But I was just in the middle of a huge argument wit really nowhere to breeze to if somebody did pull out a gun or somethin. Them A-Train's kid, 'll tell ya. they don't be the move sometimes........IT'S THE ROC!!!

posted by Rich @ 7/12/2006 12:37:00 AM

Best posts of the Day
Monday, July 10, 2006
HarlemLive will post to its blog (what you're reading now) the best posts of the day. We also publish anything that needs the attention of the entire group. Read the blog/s! :)

Remember teams, you have until next Wednesday to make changes. ANYTHING can happen!

Some great posts folks!!

Posted by:

FRANCELESLIA MILLIEN From Team Anonymous (yeah, I know. This was used before but I don't decide on thngs)

So far being part of this group has allowed me to form connections with various people. it seems as though everyone is here for the same purpose and that is to accomplish the goal of "power of the young voice"....BASICALLY...everyone wants to be heard. Each member has expressed their thoughts through video and through their blogs and it makes me more involved and interested in this program . It's very obvious that people love it here and that being here has somewhat shaped or changed their lives.

In my case, my group and this program has helped me become even more expressive and "relatable." I love my team members for the simple fact that they help me correct my mistakes instead of laugh at them. i can tell that my team members are all about progression and growth TOGETHER rather than individually. i'm glad that's the case rather than young African-Americans fighting and degrading one another. It's a relief to know that i am able to break out of shyness so quickly. a person may smile and then a full blown conversation begins. It's cool here. I am most certain that my teammates are gonna help me thru this...all of a UNITY. YAY!

Also from Anonymous (aka' fyrestarterz' ... ah hem.. I kinda like that name, It hasn't been used before!!)

From Imani :

This might be the best summer I ever had.

Again, from Fyre.. i mean, Anonymous.


The first day of HarlemLIVE was interesting. There was alot of new people that I haven't met before but I know I will end up knowing them. I've been on vacation for a few days, so I'm suprised how much it has changed so far. It looks like it might be much more interesting seeing that we ave way more people than last summer. Hopefully, this might be more competition than last year. I look forward to this summer and what might unfold.

OMG, Two more from Anonymous. Joshua

hi my name a newbie at harlem first day at harlem live was a great expierience....i got to meet alot of new people and interact with them...the harlem group is like big looking foward to a great future with harlem of today harlem live is great...they have a great atomosphere and the attitudes of the people here are positive

(note to all, harlem live is one word)

Seshat (who also wins for most humorous (and serious) at the same time):
Hey whats up * no comments about the sky or the ceiling, please*. This is Seshat (i.e. the freak with the coconut purse and the crazy earrings) and I'm . . . . .well, just here. . . . . existing . . . .for the most part. I've been at HarlemLive for about two weeks now and I think I basically got it, the weird Apple iMacs and all that . . . . but the most pressing issue that I feel is facing us here at HarlemLive is the care and upkeep of . . . .dun dun dun . . .the lizard!!! seriously people, Diesel is an iguana and he doesn't get enough to eat, and he should be in the sun or in a heated environment for AT LEAST two hours each day. And he shouldn't eat regular iceberg or romaine lettuce! he needs mustard greens and other nutrient filled vegetables!!!! come on people!!!! save our lizard!!!!

TeamJoc's posts pretty much all went along these lines:

Watz good...its tiana u kno team JoC n da federal building ItZ gOiN dOwN!!! Im really excited about this summer and i cant wait to work with all of yall. i kno dis summer is goin to be alot of fun and hard work but we can do it and win da summer challenge! I hope everybody have fun this summer and we all work together to do what we gotta do. I hope we all have a fun summer and enjoy!! Im out ~1~

Now, some words from Shuffle Alliance:

Not sure who posted this:
As we were assigned job fields for our group I was pretty excited with the slection our team leader made. I look forward to working with the different members of my team because some of them I'm just meeting them properly for the first time. I guess you can say that i'm prepared for any tasks or obsticles that come toward my team and i'm confident that we can work together to overcome them. So far we have a respectful and positve attitude towards each other and I hope that we can build on that instead of a negative change.


From Shelise:

Hello to all the curious readers my name is Shelise and I had a busy day.Today my the Shuffle Alliance team nominated me as their Captain and the first thing that came to mind was for me to give in my all to make sure we win.I remember a Numerologist took the numbers of my birthday and told me that im ahead of everything.So im taking my team with me as I stay ahead of everything.Trust was taken from me from my team and trust is what im giving back.As a leader I took two of my team members outside on the streets of 125th to do a P.O.S. (Person On the Streets) and we gained a relationship with three intelligent men on out President on Bush.Though alot of people aren't interested in Bush I know with my Video Editing skills I cam open the eyes of my peers.I know with being Captain i'll still keep the name of greatest newbie in HarlemLIVE!

Yeh, Kareem!

I Had a good Day!!
Hey everyone its Ya boy Kareem. As you can see by the title of this blog I had a good day. I arived at HarlemLive at 10:30 this morning after a good weekend. I was Eager and ready to get started on reporting on stories. Today we were broken into groups. I am very happy with my group and i think we have great potential. We also found out that the DYCD is trying to shut us down. When I heard this, I was very disapponted because this has been my best job experience yet.

and strong words from Andrew:

My first day at HarlemLive was better than I thought it was gonna be. Everyone here is comittied to working and are going to make sure I work hard, too. Im going to learn video, and possibly journalism. I have a good feeling about the experince I'm going to have here. I'm going to work as hard as I can to help my team feel good about picking me. I promised my group I would try my hardest and that's what I'm going to do.I know my team Shuffle Alliance is going to work together and win this whole thing. Nobody is here to stop us.

Wow.. some impressive claims. You got folks attention!!


posted by Rich @ 7/10/2006 10:46:00 PM

Great Chance to Connect w/ many possible stories!
Saturday, July 08, 2006
Any team that would like to send reps to the Harlem Arts Alliance on Monday, meet Rich at 9:30 AM at HarlemLive to attend this 10am to Noon meeting at Riverside Church. There are up to 75 possible stories to hook up all in that one morning.

Reminder: By Monday, 6:15, all teams must present on their team and have badges made, blog up w/ entries from all, and links from the staff.html page to their profiles.

posted by Rich @ 7/08/2006 08:23:00 PM

Summer Youth Media Challenge Teams!
Friday, July 07, 2006
TEAMS SELECTED: (Names to be decided)

Teams were chosen by interest, availability and skills.
Please forgive any mispellings

Team "TeamJoc"Team "Anonymous"Team "Shuffle"

posted by Rich @ 7/07/2006 11:11:00 PM

Melvin Johnson
Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Melvin Johnson seems to be a brightly lit star which has emerged from the HarlemLive organization. Drawn here by an article he read in the Source magazine, Johnson joined the organization in 1999 and followed his dream from then on. Johnson showed his skills throughout his time at HarlemLive sufficiently as his entrepreneur desires pushed him forward.
Being with Harlemive for seven years, Johnson explains how he enjoyed his experiences. As loyal alumni of HarlemLive, he finds his way back, to and fro, to HarlemLive from time to time in order to give a little of his knowledge in the effort to inspire a few more children. Just as he has been an influential force he was also influenced during his days at HarlemLive.
Upon joining the Harlemlive staff, Johnson was pushed by the other members to uncover his talents. His input to work at HarlemLive has changed his obscure life’s direction and put him on a path of success. Johnson had numerous successes here at HarlemLive but there’s is one that stood out blatantly in his mind.
One day, Johnson agreed to tag along with his peers on a public speaking adventure. As he thought he was going to a small student seminar, he quickly realized he was conned. He was surprised to find out that he was really at a teachers college with grown adults staring at him waiting for him to speak. Luckily, he was able to get over his nerves and made the public speaking one of his most providential experiences.
As his skills continued to grow, he went around to other schools in the attempt to draw other kids back to HarlemLive for a somewhat similar experience. Around early 2000, Johnson utilized community websites such as BlackPlanet, Migente and Yahoo in order to promote HarlemLive as well as recruit youth for the HarlemLive experience. Johnson truly believes that HarlemLive is beneficial place for the youth. He says the skill one learns is beneficial along with its preparations with subjects such as: Art, Photography, Digital Design and different forms of Web Format.
Despite what ones future may include, the skills they learn in Harlem Live can always help in the future. Melvin Johnson's famous quote would be, "Point out a career your interested in and i'll show you how the experiences at Hl can benifit u in learning more about this career by either getting hands on experiences or using your press badge to investigate more then the average teen can." As he was at one of his schools talking to kids about HarlemLive and made this exclamation, one of the students asked how HarlemLive would help them with accounting. Johnson replied slyly, "You can work with the quickbooks."
As Melvin Johnson continued his life, his experiences at Harlemlive truly did help as it gave him knowledge prior to his work experiences to come. As he was with HarlemLive, he began working with two of his colleagues as together they created web programs, a technique learned at HarlemLive. With such knowledge, these three were able to find business as companies came to them asking for them to create official websites. Quickly after joining harlemlive johnson was qualified for different Multimedia job positions. Johnson was hired as an intern for a russell simmons startup in summer of 2000. Presently he works. He currently works for Abysinnian Development Corportations IT Department as the Network Administrator for Thurgood Marshall Academy in Harlem
Mr. Johnson coninues to be involved with Commnuity based organiations such as, agencies, communities, construction with youths, web/program development, and organizational buildings all for very favorable prices.
Along with great experiences comes...embarrassing moments. One of Melvin's most embarrassing moments was when he went to do an interview with an artist named Tony Touch. His show had just finished and Melvin was feeling tired and slightly anxious to get the interview over with. As he approached one of the Hispanic crew members, he was surprised to find that the person he thought was Mr. Touch was actually an associate by the name of Crazy Legs. Melvin says he was embarrassed because he was surrounded by a large crowd. Additionally, Crazy legs gave Melvin a look as though to tell him how foolish he was. But overall, HarlemLive is a second home for Johnson as well as many other people. It is a great honor to be here and to share times with everyone else.

posted by Kevin Williams @ 7/05/2006 11:38:00 AM

My First Day.....EVER
Monday, July 03, 2006
Today was my first day as a Harlem Live Staff Member. I'm looking forward to the actual start of the program because I'm really interested in the things that they have to offer. I did majority of the things on my Newbie List . I just wish I would have found this program earlier , it was sort of an accident the way I got into this program. I look forward to Wedensday, so until then I'm out .
Ndthenherewas T

posted by Tanish Rob @ 7/03/2006 03:25:00 PM

How we work
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Shem's Class
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First Day ( Wednesday July 2nd)
July 1st 2008, my first day at HarlemLive
A bird at Harlem Live
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