Happy Holidays
Sunday, December 25, 2005
Hoping you have a great holiday with yuor friends and family.

-Tyrell Carlton

posted by HarlemLIVE @ 12/25/2005 01:53:00 PM

Thursday, December 22, 2005
After weeks of hearing, "Kevin you still haven't posted, I'm finally here.
It's not neccesarily my fault, blogging takes a while and I had/have so much to do. It's hard enough trying to get all the newbies in gear but I also had to work on Parle, which had to come out one more time before the year was over. And believe it or not i am in school full time. Yes really.
Parle is finally out though, the sex issue with Remy on the cover. I do owe the printing company $300 so that will cost you $1 from now on.
And school is over, but I have two finals which have been pushed back to next wednesday because of this strike.
So its HarlemLIVE for the next few months.
Although the strike has really postponed progress theres a lot that i want to get done in the next few weeks.
On Monday i wanted to do a day out for a sports event. As fun as it sounds it might not happen because of this strike. Tuesday was supposed to be the last open mic with some networking involved.
Next week Friday is supposed to be the HarlemLIVE Holiday Get Together but even that is being threatened by this strike.
I left my laptop at HL so i cant get much work done. i hate sitting idle in front of my pc. I wasn't able to get HL's last minute Christmas Shoppers Guide to shopping, online either and byt the time i get to it, it will be too late.
This has just been a disappointing week in so many ways.

I need to head out, i cant sit in this house for much longer. Maybe I'll dollar van it out of here. Hopefully these trains get back on track. I cant take this shit.

posted by Mr. Benoit @ 12/22/2005 11:57:00 AM

I'm Alive
Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Im here Harlem Live ight iI've just been a little busy and when I find a way to Harlem yeah I will stop by a long with my story that is so late, yeah I'm in Brooklyn right now and when I'm going to find a way to HL yeah I will be there much love.
-Princess Flow

posted by Ashley Hammond @ 12/21/2005 08:42:00 PM

Thursday, December 15, 2005
I’m still sort of skeptical as to what my man on the Street topic should be. I’m thinking of asking about the upcoming MTA strike. Hopefully, I’ll be getting some strong responses. Everyone who works at the MTA are asses, except for the operator who works at my home station (at least he waves at me and smiles when he sees me.) I feel MTA workers don’t have the right to strike for anything because they do a damn thing except ride the trains, make delays on purpose meanwhile wasting people’s time and money, and complain about people keeping the train doors open meanwhile talking about how we’re the reason why they’re making delays. On the other hand, I’m hoping this strike will prevent me from going to school since I haven’t even started on my research project for French class. Anyways, like I said, MTA workers are such asses. But I’m not all too excited about this Man on the Street thing. The last thing I wanna do is freeze my ass off while working. Plus, I hate walking up to people and asking them questions, since most of them just shove me off like I’m a Jehovah’s Witness passing out Watch Tower pamphlets. And most of the people don’t even want me to take their picture, so after all of that questioning and jotting down, I’m back to square one. When I’m at HL, I feel like I don’t do as much as I’ve done in the summer because I feel like I’ve gotten too comfortable. It’s like when a newlywed gets too comfortable into the marriage and starts slacking off. The worst part is when people begin to notice. When you’ve been around for a while and when new people arrive they crave off of that novelty and become as active as I used to be. What I’m gonna do about it, I have no idea. I really don’t know, I think it’s because of the Christmas/Winter season; it’s gotten so cold I just wanna sit still and get warm (if that’s possible.) Plus, I’m internally excited about the upcoming Christmas break, so these last few weeks are becoming a drag for me. Hopefully, the new year will get me going. I haven’t even been at HL these past two days, but I’m definitely coming on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday working on my Man on the Street. - Written by Iyana , posted by Rich

posted by Rich @ 12/15/2005 07:51:00 AM

Pimp Juice.
Friday, December 09, 2005
Well I didn't post on Thursday, but I have a reason I didn't do that.

I was dead tired. I didn't get home until like 10:00 and I forgot to do a report.

Anyway at school it was so damn weird. Today was one of those special days for seniors. What is it you ask? Well it's the start of....


Every one was scrambling to get people to vote for them, which included Most popular, Most cheerful, Class clown, etc.
Well, I was running for Most likely to succed, and the m ost ironic thing happened.

Some one else was running for it and they got most of the voters that I asked to vote for me. I didn't succeed.

I know, I fail at getting voters.


Anyway, I changed my title that I was running for to Most serious (no, seriously) and I got my list of people voting for me almost done.

What was funny was that people were getting pissed that their friends would not vote for them because they already voted for them. Even funnier is when they got into a hissy fit and started bitching, refusing to vote for anyone.

Yep, their tragedy is my comedy.


posted by HarlemLIVE @ 12/09/2005 10:21:00 PM

Thursday, December 08, 2005
We seem to be getting some momentum, many new recruits. Need to call Mr Greez at Bronx Science again and Shem to arrange anohter visit. I'm also excited about going to Baruch on Friday for the HS Journalism Conference. But i need to get a 'team' together to go. Will have to hit up folks tomorrow. Need to get up early. Then see Mara in Bklyn for lunch.

SOOO much to do. Finally got some work tomorrow night, so tomorrow will be a long ass day again.

Already have to think of ideas for the next newsletter. We were/I was mad late getting this last one out. Next one is due in January. It never ends!

All the newbies need to be posting their blogs... Hopefully the new stories will be going up soon. Our site's been pretty stagnant this fall.

posted by Rich @ 12/08/2005 12:09:00 AM

Im Back!!!
Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Hey Everyone this is Denaira (twin) to those who dont know me. I am writing for one to introduce myself to those who do not know of me yet. I went to HL two or three days ago and I saw so many new people which was very exciting!!! Visiting HL also brought back memories over the summer. I really had to admit that was one of the best summers of my life, writing blogs for KIRE and competing with Supernova.(lol) Anyway I cant wait to get the opportunity to spend time at HL like i use to , but hopefully with time i would be able to do so. I am currently working with Kevin for the Christmas Drive, my school is going to donate clothes to this event which iam extemely proud of. Oh yeah before I for get I think a good story for a entertainment journalist should be on the Stanley "Tookie" Williams case. I watched it on BET tonight and it was sad, this is something that should definetly be posted on our website. Well enough with me running my mouth . Iam out ~1~

posted by Denaira @ 12/07/2005 08:06:00 PM

Here at Harlemlive
So far at HL has been fun. The people here are really cool. They know how to have fun while working "well at lease some of them". I have been working on getting interviews for storys i am writing .

posted by babyface @ 12/07/2005 04:18:00 PM

My First MOS
Tuesday, December 06, 2005
This week, I have to do a Man-on-the-Street, which is a topic that I wrote on my profile that I do not want to do, but whatever. I’m planning on questioning people about the new MTA rules but I think I should try another topic since it’s old news and no one really cares about the new rules, simply because of the reason why I chose to ask about them, because they’re pointless and stupid. Plus, I saw on the news that the MTA was going to put up posters about the new rules in all the trains so no one will come up with an excuse and say that they didn’t know about them. The fact that it’s been two days and I haven’t seen any posters about the rules implies that not even the MTA is taking these new rules seriously. I’m sure the cops aren’t gonna take these rules seriously. What cop is going to check every train to give out 25-dollar and hundred-dollar fines because someone is switching train cars or someone put their bookbag on top of the seat next to them. Otherwise, these cops’ll be busy all day and night and everyone will be paying fines left and right. Cops don’t wanna do any real work, who does? I see them sitting in their little booth in the York Street train station and just yapping their gums. The most I’ve seen them do is walk up to me and tell me to pick up the tissue that I “dropped” on the floor. I picked it up, but I threw it right back on the ground where I “dropped” it when he turned his back. If anything, the MTA should try adding more benches and garbage bins so they can stop complaining about littering causing fires in the tacks and delays and they won’t hear us complain about standing around for ten minutes waiting for the trains instead of stressing about some stupid spit-on-the-sidewalk rules.

posted by Rich @ 12/06/2005 11:13:00 PM

Coming along pretty well!!!
What's up..Things are going pretty good for me here at HL. I actually enjoy myself being around my peers, working on the computer, picking up phones, scheduling interviews etc. Rich is definetely keeping a brother busy! But I feel good about myself working hard every day and learning new things. So far i learned how to create profiles, how to post things on the website and im currently learning how to make press badges for new members like myself. I also changed the light bulb today!lol. I'm now becoming pretty comfortable and familiar with my job here at HL. Yesterday was one of my first official meetings with the rest of the staff members. We all talked about new stories that we would be working on. Everyone has a deadline for their storieswhich is sometime nerve wrecking for me because i'm not good with deadlines, but i will be this time around. I was also told that people do get suspended from work if they don't hand in a storie when they are supposed to. Which is fair, cant be mad at that. My idea for a storie is doing an article on unsigned artist who are knocking down major doors to get in the industry. I know from experience because i am an upcoming artist myself and it is hard. Trying to manage school, work, and a successful music career can be a burden forme at times. But it's what i love to do and i wont stop until i reach my goal.

posted by David @ 12/06/2005 04:33:00 PM

This is Trecey
Monday, December 05, 2005
Hello this is Trecey. You may have seen me at the meeting if you were present, if you were not there then I probably will see you in the future. I do not really have much to say right now because I am doing a report, but I just wanted to get this done and I wanted to establish myself within the blog thingy. SO.... yea if anyone wants to drop a line or whatever you can IM on aim at Mrpres1d3nt, yea so I guess I will speak with you all later =)

posted by TréceyC. @ 12/05/2005 08:56:00 PM

Umm hi this is Yvette
Just reintroducing my self and creatin a message to see if its new but yea im Yvette lol ill type again when there is something of significance that i can talk about hugz and kisses bye

posted by songstress518 @ 12/05/2005 07:09:00 PM

Stupid Annoyting Test AKA SAT
Friday, December 02, 2005

Well it's that time of year again...better yeat month. Tomorrow, at 8:00a.m., I will have take the SAT. Luckily I'm not that shook up about it. It just that I probably won't get accepted to the colllege I'm applying for if I screw up on this test. Not only that, I haven't had allot of luck with the practice test.

No pressure.

Anyway, I've been cramming a bit for this test for the last 4 hours, and I've alo had a Math SAT class (taught by the teacher that I-don't-know-how-they-let-her-teach, Ms. Ximines), so I should have at least SOME help in this. What pisses me off the most is the damn A through E multiple choice.

Bad enough that the questions are hard, but you mus make it A through E? Talk about monopolizing a test.

In other news, I went job hunting.


I went to target to apply there and I went to the application computers, with 2 spots already filled and one broken computer. and the applicants were slow as hell. I @#$%ing hate people who have to hunt and peck EVERY SINGLE LETTER! There was this one guy who was so slow that I left and came back and he was STILL there, with one application booth open.

I was able to finish way before he could hit the question and answer portion of the application.

I probably already hit the buck fifty mark, but I'll write more to repent for thursday's no show.

Tuesday I'll finally get my senior pictures taken. The redness around my eye is gone, so that makes me a bit satisfied. I'll get my hair cut and get ready for the photo shoot. I don't know why we have to dress up, because we have to wear the damn cap and gown OVER our clothes.

It's not like all these people taking pictures are graduating anyway.

Well, my rant of pessimistic justice is done, so I'll get out of here and continue cramming for this test.

God willing.


posted by HarlemLIVE @ 12/02/2005 09:44:00 PM


Lately I've been down, angry, and full of tears...
Well my work at HL is progressive yet slow at the same time as usual. Recently I sent out a budget amendment for our 4000 with DYCD. I also did some other stuff but nothing too remarkable. Currently I'm wokring on writing a restaurant review for Society. It's a new cafe on 114th and 8th Ave. Everyone should check it out. I think it's really great. Maybe a little on the expensive side though. This is my first restaurant review ever. i hope it turns out well. As is, I'm late on getting it up on the site though. Other than that I'm also working on the AUDELCO story. That's also late. Here's the scoop though: The award ceremony was horrible. I don't know who's fault it was but they need to do much better considering they sold tickets for 100$. All I could do was sit there and think "Thank god I didn't pay one red cent to be here." Well, laters, I have to get back do things more productive.

posted by Mimi89 @ 12/02/2005 05:39:00 PM

A Simple Day...
Thursday, December 01, 2005

Today I had a very simple and un-complicated day, I went to school and really didn't do anything but chillax. I read my poem outloud to the class which was lite and I think I received a high grade on that presentation. When I got out I saw my friend and she gave me $30 cause I asked for it... (that was nice of her.) I then had nothing else to do so I walked down the Boulevard to the HarlemLIVE offices to see what was going on. I went outside to take some snapshots of the World Famous Apollo Theater for my school yearbook [since I'm president of that committee.] Hopefully I can use this as the cover...

Ight...That's all I have to say... Right Now I'm about to leave HarlemLIVE and go home and get ready for the RiceParty Saturday... Adios!!

posted by Keisean @ 12/01/2005 07:30:00 PM

Dat at harlem live
to day at harlem live mera was being mean to me and I really did not like that at all.So she can go to hell in a leather jacket. i also ahd fun in school. Richard eats rocks no thats a joke.

posted by Rohan @ 12/01/2005 06:12:00 PM

How we work
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