I Felt Like a Teacher Today
Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Felt Like a Teacher Today

Hi everybody, my day was good but the weather kind of made me drowsy. Today when I came to HL there were two new members and Dyeemah, Laredo, and I played teacher. We taught them how to do a POS (Person on the Street), and it was fun. Then Dyeemah and I took them out to look for story ideas and to do a practice POS. Their names are Ryan and Zeeky, and they both did good for their first try. They did better then me on my first try, they were so comfortable doing it. It was fun playing teacher today, I would like to do it more often. But Shem's class is about to start so I'll speak to you guys later.


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Winning Team and Student of the Month

Winning Team and Student of the Month

The winners are....
Student of the Month: Luz Adames

The Winning Team

Dyeemah, Laredo, Stephanie, Mabel, Luz, Chantasia, and Dushawn from Web

Top Points: Luz, Laredo, Chantasia, Stephanie.


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Drug Peace March!

Drug Peace March!

On Saturday May 3rd, Laredo and I ventured down to Tompkins Square Park to attend a gathering supporting the legalization of marijuana. I was really nervous about asking people about their opinions on why they believed marijuana should be legalized. Everyone was smoking weed (obvious, I guess) and some people looked really drugged out. But the first person we interviewed, a man selling books teaching you how to roll a joint, was really open and nice to us. Everyone had really interesting points, and I feel as if my outlook on marijuana has changed. There was one man who walked up to Laredo and I to invite us to a play about cocaine. He was really cool, and realized that we were both nervous about approaching the really drugged out looking people, so he encouraged us.

All in all I am happy that we went and pushed ourselves.


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Day at CBS!!!
Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Today was so much fun because we went to CBS studios when they were doing the news. It was so much fun because we got to go into the control room and we also got to see the journalist give the news. It was also fun because I got to meet the journalists and actually talk to them and ask questions. I was also impressed with the control room because it has so many screens and so many buttons that those men need to deal with. I was amazed how they did it so well without making any mistakes.

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NY Times
Well today I visited the NY Times head quarters and we got a really good tour of the whole building. The tour guide was very good with giving answers to our questions and explaining everything about the building and he also gave us some history about the times which I found to be very productive because before this tour I didn't know about the times, so with his own personal working there type of thing it gave us more of what they do, not just write stories, but work as a team. The picture I added to my blog is the type that they used in the old days to get the work in the paper.

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