Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Hey everybody! Itsa me, Tyrell, with a new blog for the fall season. I decided to blog here since so far most of the blogs have been depressing/boring. So, I shall make this place much more interesting with my posts of the going's on in my life. So..


Contact lens! W00t!

I'm getting contact lenses intead of wearing my glasses, and hopefully I'll continue wearing them. I can't wait until I get them. I can finally get this damn black line off my nose. No matter hard how I try I can't get it off!

I am broke and it ain't no joke

Well, I'm not joking, I have no money (>_<) ! I made a promise that I'd save the last two check for school but I don't see that happening since I I pretty much spent ALL of the cash, just waiting for the last week to buy some clothes for the school year. Unless I get a job from someplace OTHER THAN A FASTFOOD RESTAURANT I'll be broke for the next few weeks.

There may only be One

Is it just me, or am I the only god damn Web person around here who updates the site? Not only that,this sorry exuse of a blog need some work as well, since every one just decided to give the finger to writing on this. Hopefully, people will start writing some more interesting thing that delve more into their persona thatn just a "I write stories for Harlemlive". We can do some much better than this, just keep at it!

Labor day party

I'm really looking forward to this year's labor day, since I usually take part of the labor day festivities, so I decided to do it now than ever. speaking of thing I want to do...

I. Want. A. Violin.

I don't know why, but for the longest I wanted to get one, but my frivilous spending has denied me the privilege of buying one :( . Guess I'd have to get that after school job after all...

Cya when I cya,


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Mandatory Post
This week I pretty much relaxed. I stayed at home, watched videos on BET and then I watched videos on the internet. I read a few books that were pretty boring an argued with my father until I went to sleep.Yes, that sounds so interesting. As for my article, I didn't even start yet. All I know is that it is supposed to be a community article and yeah that's pretty much it. Let me go find something to write about.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005
Word is I'm supposed to post on here...

I'm leaving for North Carolina on Friday. I'm elated yet depressed to be going away. For the most part I wish it was a permanent move though. A change of setting is inorder because things as they are irk my nerves. I'm tired of all the dumb office politics at HL. Everyone sounds like a bunch of dumba** grouchy adults. We're young and it's supposed to be a fun and fulfilling experience, yet we've been reduced to "beefs", a bunch of last minute crap, and plain stupidness. It's crazy, everyone's so wrapped up in foolishness that they let cameras "sprout legs and walk out front doors." I haven't participated in any HL activities since the BBQ day because I just don't have the patience for that mess.

November makes 2 years for me at the HL. It seems that with stability comes more disorder... The worse part is I thrive with organization.

At this rate people might as well fire me and take the keys.

On a good note, my life has been less stresful since the award ceremony went off and I decided not to be bothered with the Apple Presentation. Qudos to the presenters of that by the way I'm told you did a good job.

Maybe by the time I get back school will have EVERYONE (me included) focused and acting less childish...

posted by Mimi89 @ 8/25/2005 09:36:00 PM

Voicing Our Concerns
Voicing our concerns was the topic for todays Executive meeting-i think at least. It was different having Jessica run the meeting because i couldnt even tell the meeting was going on we were just talking about regular shit the whole time. Our beef seems to be getting more and more childish. We sat through the whole meeting avoiding eye contact and trying not to speak to each other but it looked so petty that Iyana thought we were joking but believe me we werent. We had to communicate through Keisean and Tracey and as soon as the meeting was done she left, rightfully so cause i don't have to say to her. She did hit me but if you've ever been hit by Jessica you know it feels like your little sister or something. Shes lucky i wont hit a girl-on purpose at least but if this keeps going on I'm going to have to mess her up.

Enough about her though. Mera is on a "HL vacation"-she doesn't want to hear anything about HL or to see HL for two whole weeks. Kind of crazy i been here for this long and i'm still vacationless but everyone around me is doing it. By the way i start school next week. NEXT WEEK get the hell out of here. I'm gettting in a nice little HL work zone just to get ready for school. No vaca.

The open mic is scheduled for September 3rd. It should be the hottest one so far. i cant wait because i think this is the big one.

My next article is going to be about HarlemLIVE. Back when the summer began Rich said that he spoke to someone and they thought we should have more info about HL on the site. So my next article is going to be about the summer and what we are doing in the organization and the blogs and the goals for the fall. It will be real good if i can focus on it. Honestly i been working on it since mid-summer. I just havent been able to get on the grind with it.

Lastly this whole publisher thing is the dumbest thing I've heard. Publishers dont work with online publications they work for print magazines. I'm like the odd man out in this organization. Me and Rich need to have a talk just havent gotten a chance. Publisher

posted by Mr. Benoit @ 8/25/2005 12:15:00 AM

What to say?
Wednesday, August 24, 2005
What's up my HL peeps? I don't have much to say. I have not been to HL since saturday so I have no updates. In case you all would like to know why I will not be in this whole week, is because i am on vacation with my mommy. (lol) I never said a good vacation. I am home doing everything my mother says. I promised her that I will cater to her this whole week since HL took up soooo much of my time this summer. I felt bad for neglecting my mother this whole summer. I tired to put HL on hold for this week but i find myself doing work for them.

My week has been okay. My mother didn't make me do anything that crazy. She ask me to clean the kitchen, bathroom, living room and my room. I had trouble with my room because i had soo much stuff to throw out. Denaira got on my nerves the whole time.She tired to throw away all of my mario pictures and i was about to punch her in the face. I realized that i was getting older and i had to give Mario up. I am so happy that is over with. But yea, that is an update on my life. I might stop by tomorrow to give keisean the book that i read, Confessions of a Video Vixen.

The book was very stupid and i did not believe anything she said.I am not going to go into details. I encourage everyone to read what a terriable book this girl has written. It takes no time to read. I read it in a day and a half. After Keisean is finished the book everyone else is open to read it.


posted by HarlemLIVE @ 8/24/2005 06:25:00 PM

Hell I wasn't even planning to blog today.

Wow. Never expected that one, Iyana. Well, that situation that you were talking about(which happened in the summer, if I am correct) was something I didn't really care for, and in fact all the text in that e-mail was copy and paste. Simply put, I was bored and wanted to see what would happen, and I didn't care because the person or persons wasn't going be here anyway.
None that crap you said needed to be brought up.
Yep, this definately is one of those FUBAR(Fucked Up Beyond All Reasoning)moments.


posted by HarlemLIVE @ 8/24/2005 05:00:00 PM

HL's First Instant News
Everything I posted was not true, so everyone who had a hissy-fit about what I wrote can go sit down and shut the f*ck up.

posted by HarlemLIVE @ 8/24/2005 04:30:00 PM

Pubic Hairs & Masturbation
Yeah, that's a legit title. This refers to the story hat topics. Don't forget that they're due in two weeks. Already some of that topics are- Masturbation, Oral Sex, and my personal favorite- Pubic Hair :to Shave or not to shave? Also, Rich had set a mandate that to come back into HL, Kevin or I need your profile, List of Goals, and a blog post. If you don't do this you won't be let back in. This should be easy since most of this stuff was due on Monday morning. Right now we have Keisean, Ranale, Iyanna, Tracey, Mera, and Yaya's goals and profiles. Everyone else isn't allowed in as of right now.

Today, after the scrabble tournament with 5-5-5 pizza and refreshments, Kevin, Keisean, Iyanna and I are going down to the graffiti party.

In other news- Today Kevin made me cry. It's ok though, I punched him in the jawbone. Kevin doesn't seem to understand that just like Iyanna, I am crazy as hell. We had the meeting but we didn't speak to each other. All of our conversation is going through Keisean, who looks confused about the whole thing.This situation is going farther and farther down the road to perdition, and personally I don't see any reasonable truce in sight.

Jessica B.

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Being editor is tough
Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Being editor is tough, especially when the page your suppose to be editing isnt even created yet. I am getting on all the alumni/ "web maters" like Shem, Melvin, and especially Justin to get this page done and out. We got money riding on this to and if it and done by Friday we're screwed. I guess it just like that saying, "don't leave a man to do a woman's job." Besides the entire health page thing. I've been emailing staff about their profiles, schedules, list of goals, and stories. It's okay I guess. I like being editor so far. I only hope it get better. But I am sure I will have my days where I just want to run and hide out in HL's bathroom and cry. Hopefully those days are far away. To top all of that off I am suppose to be getting ready to go on vacation tommorow to Maryland. I havemt been there in sooooooooooo long. I can't wait to go shopping and spend my fathers money, meet up with old friends and the family too. I deserve a break. This summer has been a lot of work and too little fun for me. But I did get a lot out of this summer and a lot of HL. I'm just waiting to see where the fall will bring us.


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Becoming normal again...
Ok people, so the competition is over. It's time to get back to posting these blogs and back to working on this website and making it very pretty and such. I will be posting my blog tommorow one on the Execs blog and one on the HarlemLIVE page.

It's kind of late but heres a preview:

Jessica Batson and I have finally let our beef spill out. Since the award ceremony we have only shared a couple of words while giving each other the evil eye hear and there. We accidently ran into each other tonight and we almost came to blows. She cursed at me and i back at her until her feelings were hurt and she vowed that she would get me fired before the end of the week. We're not talking to each other thats for sure and she better hope i dont see her in the office for the rest of the week or its on.

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My Ups and Downs
Monday, August 22, 2005
Today I started out with a good mood you know, I was nice to everyone and joking alot. But Allen, that little black(literally) short boy who hasn't even reached the 3rd grade pissed me off. I'm so glad I don't live with boys and I don't have a little brother. He'd probably be paralyzed by now. Now I am in an okay mood. We are at the Apple Store to do this presentation about how Harlemlive started on an Mac. I hate that I didn't know they had stores like this in New York. I think my father tried to keep me in a little bubblle all my life so that I will never move away. But that's not going to work because I'm saving up to get an apartment when I get back from college. This place is so boring, they keep playing the same commercials over and over. I can't wait for this presentation to be over.


Edit: Learn to correct your errors before posting! SPELLCHECK AND THE SHIFT KEY ARE THERE FOR A REASON!-Tyrell the Blogmasta

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Sunday, August 21, 2005
I don't wanna hear no apologies, I don't wanna hear shit on Monday from nobody. I bought 2 pies of cheesecake (1 strawberry and 1 plain) on Friday. Immediately after I brung it to HL, I wrote my name on them with a marker. I almost my finished my strawberry cheesecake and left the rest of it in the fridge and I forgot my plain one in the fridge that day after I left. Now, I'm hearing some bullshit about people who ate it and didn't know who it belonged to. First of all, I bought it on Friday, if I wanted people to have some, I would've asked them if they wanted some on Friday. Second of all, my name was written all over that cheesecake and someone thought it was funny to smear my name off of it and act like they didn't know whose it was. Third, how the fuck five people share one small ass pie?!! It was made for one person. And to think I bought vanilla pudding, bananas and wafers to make y'all fuckin greedy ass pigs some banana pudding (and If I find out someone went though that stash too, there's is gonna be hell to pay with someone's ass)!!! This is some bullshit, I'm a nice person, I don't do nothing to nobody, but I gotta deal with half-assed shit like this. But you know what, I'm not even gon say anything on Monday. All I know is, whoever ate it (y'all know who y'all are, and I mos def know who y'all are) better not say a word to me on Monday, just pay me back my $4, or buy me another cheesecake from Junior's or the Pathmark up in Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. Oh, and P.S. don't fucking call my house ever again at some 12:30 in the muthafuckin morning and then not say shit on the phone. Matter of fact, don't ever call me period. Peace, y'all know who this is.

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Welcome to HarlemLive's Blog!
Friday, August 19, 2005
Welcome to the HarlemLIVE's Blog, where staff, alumni, and others come and post their blogs for you to read.


posted by HarlemLIVE @ 8/19/2005 12:56:00 PM

How we work
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