Friday, December 19, 2008
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How we work
Tuesday, July 29, 2008
We all spoke about how our presentation went on the Friday and where we should improve. I know we all have places that we need to pick up on and I know my place in the situation that needs work. I spoke about my mistake that I took part in and I know where I need to straiten up at and we all have our own preparation scheme for next Friday's presentation. We have weak people inside of HL Flow that we need to address and others that does work and doesn't get accounted for. In the process of our discussion, we spoke about what we will be covering for next week so we could be on top of our game and wont be disappointed at our work performance. From today until Friday, we will be working our tails off to prove to everyone that HL Flow has flow. We will show you all how the Flow get down.
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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

..::Good Mood Today? Of Course::..

Today to me was a good day. Stephanie, Johary, and I went to Gay Men of African Descent Organization. It went pretty well and just like yesterday interview, it through breezy. Also today I explained to my team what we were presenting on Friday. Everyone seemed cool with it and I hope that we win this week. Tomorrow I am going out with Johary and Francisca to my old school to interview my principal. I believe that this will go well just as the others. The other teams need to realize that HL Flow is about to step up. They been sleeping on us, but we got something in store for them. So Until Next Time......

..::Vogue Princess::..

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Friday, July 25, 2008

On Enter Flash News: 003 HarlemLIVE

This week at Harlem live was one of the busiest. The kitchen was a creative war zone. There were a multitude of entrées, hors d'œuvre and, deserts. Gisely, the executive director is one of the culinary soldiers; She was chopping, washing, and cooking. We all know that every great soldier has a superb chef and he goes the name Kareem. I hope one day I could at least boil water as good as he can. Rosa and others helped clean the kitchen. I think she should get a 7,548 points and a spa coupon. Just when we were all ready to dig in the mouth watering, scrumptious food it was taken away. The good news is I did cook and the kids said it was okay. If your wondering were all the real food went. It was taken to the annual alumni association kick off. The event had great people who all support what Harlem live is giving to inner city youth. Rich the founder, the back bone and brains of Harlem Live is making shore that the program continues. The Kick off had a happy ending and later that night everyone back at Harlem live got to taste the satisfying foods. Kareem cooked too much food which was just enough for all of us who were anticipating his return.

-Waarith Abdul-Majeed

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Shem's Class

Shem's Class

On Thursday I had a class with Shem. I learned how to go to the new website and how to use the "Text Edit" program. It's cool that I'm an administer of the site. I get to post new and way old stories like from 2005. @ first with was with myself because everyone left for lunch or was out on a story. So I had a head start on the class until I had to go on and story with Rosa, Anthony, and Tamarra to speak with the president of the Jazz mobile. So when I came back I had to wait like a half - hour for the class to start. Now the class is ready and all of a sudden I felt sick and threw up.........

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On Enter Flash News: 002 HarlemLIVE
Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

On Enter Flash News: 002 HarlemLIVE

Another day at Harlem live which is always filled with creativity,learning, and excitement.The kids work in teams to create compelling stories. The Programs main focus is Journalism. Each team produces a plethora of News Stories, poems, essays, video documentaries ,and other media. The most captivating thing about Harlem live is that the content produced by the teams are 100% word for word, image for image there own. The kids go out with there groups, find a story video tape it, write about it and edit it. As you may know from my previous video I teach Adobe Flash, but I'm not the only teach in town. The young journalists build skills that will make then serious contenders in the job world. This is Aliyah, shes been with Harlem Live for some time now and it's nice to work with the great people that come from this program. Right now shes adding points to teams and to individuals and I thought that Coding was hard. This is Michael and Nana doing team chores, I know that its not the most exciting thing you've ever seen, but it teaches them responsibility. Harlem Live is all about Journalism at quick glance, but there is way more than meets the eye. The program is character construction with a good story.

-Waarith Abdul-Majeed

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First Day ( Wednesday July 2nd)
Thursday, July 03, 2008

First Day

So today is my first day and I'm kind of disappointed that I wasn't here yesterday. I have that kind of out of place feeling right now but I'm sure it'll go away. I wish I got here earlier so i could have gone on the scavenger hunt which would have totally been fun. I was really nervous at first when Richard told me that I might not get accepted since it was full. I came here thinking it was a done deal, that I was in but that shows that nothing is guaranteed.

I feel like what I'm writing sounds awkward. I guess it's because this is my first blog.

So Giselly seems really nice and so does Chuck. I'm not sure about Richard yet. He seems to be testing me I think. I don't know why...I guess he's concerned about going over the limit for the number of people here. Emily seems sweet, quiet but sweet. I think I'm going to like it here. I'm going to get more experience in journalism, meet new people, and have fun. HL seems like a fun place. As I'm writing this, all the people from the scavenger hunt are returning. I really do wish I went on the hunt but I'll get to go tomorrow.

So far, I've seen two people I know; Sade and Dushawn. I went to junior high with Dushawn and I go to school with Sade. I'm not particularly close to either one of them but it's nice to know someone.

I don't feel like I have much else to say and everything I've written so far is a bit boring. I guess as time goes on, I'll get the hang of it.

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July 1st 2008, my first day at HarlemLive
July 1St 2008, my first day at Harlem Live

The first day for me was really not what I would have expected. I came to Harlem thinking I was going to a large skyscraper, to be surrounded by businessmen. Instead I found myself going down the stairs to the basement of a facility. The first thing going through my mind was "I hope I don't get murdered". Then, as I walked down the steel staircase, and down the enclosed stone corridor that seemed like an escape passage,I saw the light. Literally I saw the light of the sun since the corridor led me to a backyard.

As the old saying goes, " Don't judge a book by its cover", it goes perfectly with my first impression. I didn't think much could come from such a creepy place, when in reality there was a warm embrace awaiting me. I was attacked by normalcy which in turn made me loosen up. I was prepared to be interrogated and dismissed by men in suits. I was astonished when I saw people in casual clothing (and not suits), and I indeed felt overdressed.

The day itself was filled with fun and games which were designed to get us all to know one another. This was a shock seeing not what I expected. I also was lucky enough to meet some new people and make friends that were just like me in some ways. I like surprises and the surprises that I encountered on my first day at Harlem live have motivated me to be myself and feel welcomed in a home like facility. I can't wait to see what in store next.

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A bird at Harlem Live
Saturday, June 28, 2008


A bird at Harlem Live

Yesterday was one of the most weirdest day in Harlem Live. It all started when Jose, Brad, Dushawn, and I where building a tent in the backyard.Then when Richard came out to see how were doing he spotted a baby bird that could barley fly. So when he came to tell us Jose went to catch it so a cat wouldn't eat it. Then Jose gave the bird to brad to hold while he finds a box to put it in and to stab holes in the box. Meanwhile as Jose was doing that Brad "accidentally" let it loose in the office twice and once in the main room where apparently Larado was. When Larado saw it try to fly in front of him, he started to scream and run all over the place. All of us started to laugh til our stomachs hurt.By that time Jose was finished with the box. We put the bird in a high place so it fall.The next morning Richard noticed that we left the bird on the ledge so he let the bird go in a high place so the cat woudn't eat it. That was the last time we all saw that bird.

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From a mentor at HarlemLIVE
Monday, June 09, 2008
Having spent my entire life in Rural Georgia, spending my summer in New York City has been nothing short of overwhelming. For the past 6 weeks, I've been doing what I originally came to do--my part time internship for college credit at the University of Georgia. In my attempt to find extra work to pass the time in Manhattan, I came across a volunteer opportunity to help out journalism students here at HarlemLive, and decided to get involved.

So far, I've only been a part of HarlemLive for less than four hours, but I already feel like my experience in New York has reached a high point. The atmostphere at HarlemLive is a perfect combination of fun and dedication, which is what journalism is all about. I've been a writer for my high school newsmagazine and my college newspaper (rated top 5 in the state), and neither of those can compare to what I've been exposed to in just those four hours.

My journalism School over at UGA could learn something from this place. I'll definitnely have to pull up the website and show them when I go back home.

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How we work
Wednesday, July 23, 2008 ..::Good Mood Today? O...
Friday, July 25, 2008 On Enter Flash News: 003 ...
Shem's Class
On Enter Flash News: 002 HarlemLIVE
First Day ( Wednesday July 2nd)
July 1st 2008, my first day at HarlemLive
A bird at Harlem Live
From a mentor at HarlemLIVE

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