A bird at Harlem Live
Saturday, June 28, 2008


A bird at Harlem Live

Yesterday was one of the most weirdest day in Harlem Live. It all started when Jose, Brad, Dushawn, and I where building a tent in the backyard.Then when Richard came out to see how were doing he spotted a baby bird that could barley fly. So when he came to tell us Jose went to catch it so a cat wouldn't eat it. Then Jose gave the bird to brad to hold while he finds a box to put it in and to stab holes in the box. Meanwhile as Jose was doing that Brad "accidentally" let it loose in the office twice and once in the main room where apparently Larado was. When Larado saw it try to fly in front of him, he started to scream and run all over the place. All of us started to laugh til our stomachs hurt.By that time Jose was finished with the box. We put the bird in a high place so it fall.The next morning Richard noticed that we left the bird on the ledge so he let the bird go in a high place so the cat woudn't eat it. That was the last time we all saw that bird.

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From a mentor at HarlemLIVE
Monday, June 09, 2008
Having spent my entire life in Rural Georgia, spending my summer in New York City has been nothing short of overwhelming. For the past 6 weeks, I've been doing what I originally came to do--my part time internship for college credit at the University of Georgia. In my attempt to find extra work to pass the time in Manhattan, I came across a volunteer opportunity to help out journalism students here at HarlemLive, and decided to get involved.

So far, I've only been a part of HarlemLive for less than four hours, but I already feel like my experience in New York has reached a high point. The atmostphere at HarlemLive is a perfect combination of fun and dedication, which is what journalism is all about. I've been a writer for my high school newsmagazine and my college newspaper (rated top 5 in the state), and neither of those can compare to what I've been exposed to in just those four hours.

My journalism School over at UGA could learn something from this place. I'll definitnely have to pull up the website and show them when I go back home.

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A bird at Harlem Live
From a mentor at HarlemLIVE

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