The New HarlemLIVE Team
Wednesday, January 31, 2007

HarlemLive has started off the new year with renewed vigor since it has brought on alumnus Melvin Johnson and soon to be joined by alumna Gisely Colon to work along with Kamal Muhammad who is taking classes this semester. They are joined by a growing number of alums that are gravitating back to the program to give back. Aisha Al-Muslim and Christopher Frierson have been some of the most consistant alums to keep the program growing.

New adult advisor, Paul Moreland has been helping with the other video advisors and already the site has been getting updated regularly with a lot of new video content. Check it out.

Lots more about to jump off. Stay tuned.

Pictured above: From L to R Aisha Al Muslim, Richard Calton, Chris Frierson, Melvin Johnson, Kamal Muhammad and in front, Gisely Colon.

posted by Rich @ 1/31/2007 07:32:00 PM

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