Friday, April 28, 2006
I'm starting a new project. It is about " Is it a good idea that schools place children with special needs in the same building as regular students? " I think its a great idea that they are sometimes placed with children who don't need help. This is because the other children will look down on them and the special ed children may feel depressed that the rest of the children are on a higher level than they are. Do the children or the parents have any say on how or where there children are placed? or do they just don't care? I believe the board of education should place special educated children in their own school so they can recieve one on one help and feel like they belong because there are children who have the same and type of disabilities as them in the same enviroment.

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My Newest Project!
I am currently working on a story for HL Speaks. My guiding question is: Do you think that with the diversity in New York that we are all comming together into one big culture? I plan to go to the Ellis Island Museum because it is a very historical landmark in New York. I want to interview someone who knows knows alot about the history of immmigrants from all over the world. I also want to interview my friend's mentor at an agency that helps immigrants get on their feet when they come to New York. In addition, I want to question people on the street and see what their opinions are. My last idea for a SOT (footage of people talking on camera) is asking any of the hispanic students in my class if I could interview their parents or grandparents. I hope that this project is as sucsessful as I expect it to be. My teacher at school is very excited about it and I could get credit for this if it comes out really well.

-Ena Johnson

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My Internship
Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Today I went to my internship at a school called P.S. 230. I had alot of problems connecting with the 1st grade special

ed students that i teach. They were jumping off the walls, throwing chairs, screaming and hitting the teacher. After a while they

calmed downed. The students are are easily persuaded, I decided to make them calm down by telling them if they were well

behaved for the rest of the day they will will recieve a special reward. My plan actually worked for a while until the end of theday

when it was time for them to go home. Every thing just started to become hectic. They were given Easter baskets for the Easter

break, it became a wrestling for who was getting what. Even though it was a hectic day, I still managed to get through

without any scratches or bruises on me. Believe it or not, that was one of the normal days at my internship.

-Daana Howell

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My name is Ena Johnson. I'm a new member of the Harlemlive staff for about 3 weeks now. I enjoy working here its a whole

new experience for me. The environment is different from school, home and my internship. Instead of going to school, I

went to my internship. There I helped my mentor control her class of Special ED first graders who are extremely hyperactive. On

the way back form my internship I was with my friend Daana. We were busy talking as usual and us being our absent minded

selves when got on the wrong train and had to travel an extra fifteen minutes to get to Harlem live today. I was suppose

to go to after school but I decided to skip that and come strait to harlemlive so that I could continue my story about conflict

diamonds that I'm doing for a video class I'm taking. hopefully my day gets better.

- Ena

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